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3/25/23: Caffeine

Eariler this month, I attended a board game night at my church. It was very fun, I got to play some funny games with my friends. However, there was an assortment of snacks. And sodas. There were cans of RC cola, and I took one because 1) I like soda and 2) soda exists therefore I must drink. After drinking a can, i went into a state of very extreme energy. My legs felt lighter than ever and I felt like I had all the energy in the world. I felt light-headed and not light-headed at the same time. I felt like I could run 600 miles... until I relized I just did. After playing improvised ping-pong (which involved running around for a bit), I started sweating, but I didn't feel tired at all. I felt more awake than ever! Also, improvised ping-pong is a version of ping-pong with one difference: Whether or not there is a table (or point to the game) is completely up to you.

I have experienced this caffeine-induced energy moment (or, as my uncle calls it, a "caffeine high") a few times before, when I have drunk coffee on an empty stomach. Before this, I considered coffee a normal sugary drink (comparable to hot chocolate), but now I realize why people drink it for energy.


11/27/22: My Delve into Insanity (regarding shapes)

Take a look at the following shape.

What is it?

If you study it, you notice the square in the middle. But here's the thing: It ISN'T a square. It is four triangles that trick you into thinking that there is a square present. That was a pretty fun mind trick, but let's kick it up a notch. First, let's call these nonexistent shapes "non-shapes". Now, think of a normal square.

What makes this square "normal"? Maybe it's the fact that it's existent. But what makes it "existent"? I personally think it's because it cannot be any other shape. There are no circles, no triangles, and no other shapes that can be found in this figure.
If you agree with me, then you are wrong.

There is a stupidly noticeable aspect of it that can easily make it a non-shape. That aspect is lines. If you count the square as four lines, then the square is a non-shape. You can also reach this conclusion by saying that a square is one line that keeps curving and eventually meets at its start. But then you could interpret this as a never-ending line that creates the illusion of a square. Heck, you could try this with any sort of "shape". So with that question in mind- Are shapes real? Well, for starters, yes, because shapes are made out of never-ending lines. So we at least know that there is one shape- the line.

But what about the dot? But wait, what is a dot, anyway? According to a google search done by me, a dot is a "small round spot". But how small is small? Well, according to another google search done by me, the deffinition of small is "of a size that is less normal than usual". This can imply all sorts of things depending on the scenario. The reason I'm trying to find definitions on these words is to find a better definition for "dot". It's because the concept of a dot is very hard to get to. If a dot is a spot (according to google), what shape is the spot? and is it even a shape(calling back to what I discussed earlier)?
This is all an interesting topic that infuriates me greatly. I will return to it another day.